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Experiential Learning, SEL, and Self-Power: A Disruptive Paradigm

Broadcast on February 12, 2023
With Eric Isselhardt, PhD
Hosted by Daniel Sunshine

According to Eric Isselhardt, PhD, the education system teaches students to be passive and obedient, punishing joyous learning exploration and rewarding rote content mastery without regard to building students' senses of "self" and power. Consequently, students often learn information but lack the inner qualitative contextual scaffolds to use that information to power their lives in a meaningful way. Now, imagine an education system designed first to build students' self-power through discovery--that is a disruptive paradigm.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Learn that building trust with students is the foundation for transformation
  • Find out that without students having a sense of self-power, learning is artificial and constrained
  • Discover experiential learning that is active and reflective creates greater opportunities for all students than traditional teaching enviroments
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Eric Isselhardt, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Isselhardt, PhD is a senior executive with over 35 years of leadership experience in both non-profit and for-profit education venues, whose work and passion focuses on inner-city learners, virtual and blended learning modes, distributed leadership paradigms, organization culture building, and systemic reform.  His leadership philosophy is based on teamwork, consensus building, and accountability, balanced with the ability to translate shared core mission and strategy into tactical action.  With those foundational elements in mind, he has a practitioner’s business perspective that he applies in all of his leadership positions and consulting.  The use of creative approaches to problem-solving, effective strategic planning processes, collaborative management, and a drive for excellence leading to innovative and entrepreneurial market-leading mission-derived programs all characterize his transformational work and what he strives to bring forth for his companies and clients.

In addition to those descriptors, Eric has a PhD and MS in Educational Administration and Policy Studies, and a BA in Chinese Language and Philosophy. Eric grew up sailing small boats and lived on his Beneteau 43 for ten years extensively sailing the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding region with his daughter usually at the helm.  Eric resides in Connecticut with the love of his life and three dogs of varying sizes and intelligence.

Eric Isselhardt, PhD