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SEL and Mental Health of Youths Now and Humanity Next

Broadcast on February 12, 2023
With Jay Levin
Hosted by Daniel Sunshine

As Social Learning expands into schools in fits and starts, in part at the urging of the US Surgeon General for its ability to mitigate some of the youth mental health crisis Jay Levin declared this time last year, there is a general tendency to underestimate its importance and future potential. The reality is that potential is historically exceptional and calls for elevating it to a greater level of seriousness, requiring diligence and care in manifesting it for its needed transformative abilities.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Find out about the mass mental health paradigm and toxic history that SEL addresss
  • Learn SEL as a social movement in an urgently dangerous era for humanity
  • Discover the ways to move SEL forward
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Jay Levin

President -EQuip Our Kids!

Jay Levin leads a nonprofit advocacy campaign, EQuip Our Kids!, whose focus is raising the emotional intelligence of humanity, starting with children and youth. EQuip promotes getting Social-Emotional Learning curriculum into every pre-K to 12 school. Motivated by the reality that much of the public is unaware of the remarkable child, school, family, workplace, and society outcomes of this learning. Jay argues that SEL and its kin by other names are actually a social movement needed to raise human consciousness on a mass level out of the paradigm of conflict, pain, inequity, and misery – which is inevitable in the historic child development and human relationship training we have inherited.

Jay has led six media companies and launched six nonprofits dedicated to social change. He is best known as the founder and former editor-in-chief and CEO of the multiple-award-winning Los Angeles Weekly, which under his editorial and business leadership became the largest circulation and most advertising-rich weekly newspaper in the country. Jay is also trained in depth psychology. As a life coach over the years, he has part-time worked with hundreds of individuals and groups in transforming their lives. Currently, he leads a monthly mastermind group that coaches CEOs on elevating their businesses.

Jay Levin