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Heart of Acceptance and Inner Light at School

Broadcast on February 12, 2023
With Arin Wiscomb
Hosted by Daniel Sunshine

Arin Wiscomb will share his practice of acceptance in teaching, and being a heart of acceptance in the classroom and school community. He will discuss about positivity and the concept of Inner Light and how this builds greater confidence for students. Arin will show an expanded application of the familiar Mind in the Jar. He will model an additional element that can shift awareness and create conversations that empower you to invite students into the space of acceptance and Inner Light.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Find out that Acceptance reduces resistance and helps children access the experience of 'Newness,' allowing joy and natural enthusiasm into the learning process
  • Learn about the Inner Light: Truth in the Heart My practice has shown that this builds confidence, self-reliance and greater stability in the classroom culture 10 -15 minute guided process
  • Discover the Candle Circle: Beyond the Mind in the Jar: A talk about mindfulness space with a model expanding on the classic 'Mind in the Jar' showing love, acceptance and Inner Light
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Arin Wiscomb

Founder of Wiscomb Method

Arin Wiscomb began teaching in high school when he maintained and explained the exhibits as the BioLab intern at the Exploratorium of SF. As an undergraduate at SFCC, he discovered his passion and inner voice that was expressed through painting. In 1992 he attended CCAC in Oakland and had solo exhibits in SF in 1993. Arin deepened his conviction in the value of the beauty and power of the human spirit and the ability to create meaningful relationships with inner capacities. 

In 1996 Arin graduated from SFSU with honors and taught middle school art and computer classes at Windrush School. From 2005 - 2006, he attended SFSU for graduate studies in Education. In 2003, he began teaching at GATE Academy where he practiced the pedagogy of inquiry-based learning. Arin saw the need to implement Social/Emotional Learning and foster kindness and self-regulation skills so that the (K-8) students could work as effective collaborators.

Arin innovated inquiry-based learning, individualized academics, and art programs. He reflected on the value of SEL to support the students to create a collaborative classroom culture and experience the joy of successful projects. He served GATE Academy full-time and year-round for 18 years and was dean of students for most of that time. Since the first day, he has been focused on the crucial role of SEL as a foundation for effective learning and collaboration. Perhaps more importantly, students learn to access their own place of truth, their own loving acceptance within and feel confident in and about their learning.

Arin Wiscomb